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Everyone must know math to compete in the job markets of the 21st century. We can help children and adults catch up, keep up, and get ahead!

Whether you have specific areas of weakness, missed learning some key concepts, or just want to get ahead, we can help.

How we work:

the doctor
  • In person
  • Online 24/7

About Dr. Ken:

  • PhD Math, University of Southern California
  • M.A. Statistics, University of Michigan
  • Math Instructor at major Universities and Colleges
  • Software Engineer for Fortune 500 companies
  • K-12 instructor at major tutoring franchises.


Student Assessment - learn what areas you need to focus on to excel at the work you need to do now.

Homework help - go over problems and learn concepts you may have missed so homework goes easier.

All levels of math tutoring - arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and college classes.

SAT and ACT preparation - get ready for the big test that will determine your college future.

Home study consulting - Home study and software consulting and advice the self-motivated student.

Online chat sessions - Get help with your homework, ask unscheduled questions. These sessions require that you have a computer and a recent browser to display the whiteboard.


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